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Sport Pilot Instruction


As a Sport Pilot Flight Instructor (CFI-SP Airplane), I can provide:

How can I become a Sport Pilot? What is a "Light Sport Aircraft"?

Designated Pilot Examiner

I am a Designated Pilot Examiner (Sport Pilot Examiner, Airplane). As such, I am authorized to administer practical exams for applicants seeking the Sport Pilot rating. I can also issue Student Pilot certificates.

Maintenance And Inspections

I hold a Light Sport Repairman Maintenance rating (airplane). I am authorized to perform annual condition inspections and 100 hour condition inspections on any airplane in the Experimental Light Sport Airplane (E-LSA), or Special Light Sport Airplane (S-LSA) categories. In addition, I am authorized to perform maintenance and repair on S-LSAs, as allowed by manufacturers of these planes.

Bob's Aeropro Eurofox (view full sized image)
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