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11/02/2005: Blue Hill, Nebraska. A pilot (Dan Van Boening) crashed near a school football game. This crash was also captured on video tape. Original story here. Video of the crash can be viewed here.

9/1/2005: from Marty Lunsford. Marty had installed a camera on his plane, which was on when he crashed. Read the story, and watch the video here.

Movie of a loop being performed in a trike. I'm told his happened in Poland. Airframe failed, resulting in the death of the pilot. view the movie here.

Movie of a sea-plane flipping over upon landing. Wheels were not retracted. view the movie here.

1/5/2006: Movie of a plane getting away, after getting hand-propped, without being secured. View the movie here.

1/13/2006: Another bad water landing. View the movie here.

1/23/2006: Paraglider has problem during launch, and throws out reserve chute. View the movie here.

3/27/2006: Another ultralight crash, after engine failure, over inhospitable terrain. View the movie here.

10/14/2009: Fatal L-19 crash in Colorado. Pilot flew into rising terrain, and stalled. This crash occurred near Tabernash, Colorado, on August 10th, 1984 at approximately 1300 hours. The plane disappeared and was not located again until August 23rd, 1987 3 years later by a pair of backpackers. Mountain Village police chief investigated the crash and also re-assembled the video tape. The pilot had an operating video camera in the plane which crashed due to "continued flight into ascending terrain" combined with high-density altitude; along with bad decision-making on the part of the pilot regarding the steep right-hand bank in an attempt (proving fatal) to turn around, the pilot unwittingly recorded his own death (along with his buddy in the back seat). Watch the video here. Read the NTSB report here.

06/18/2011: Flightstar experiences engine failure, while flying low over a forest. (Watch the video here. View the NTSP report here)


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